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Tank Boom! A World of Tanks Blitz Podcast News, reviews, tips, and information you can use to have more fun and get better at WoT Blitz - the best mobile war game on iOS and Android. Realistic World War 2 tanks, fast game play, and a great community combined with true free to play mobile game keeps us all coming back for more.
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Dec 18, 2015
42 The art of the Tank Destroyer with SomeGuyFromPitt
  • Type 59 information - Bushka On Blitz review
  • Bushka on Blitz's Type 59 Review
  • Why play a Tank Destroyer?
  • Beginner tips for Tank Destroyers
  • Choosing the right TD line for your play style
  • German TD line
  • Russian TD line
  • British TD line
  • Use the d-dips!
  • American TD lines
  • T110E3 or T110E4 first?
  • Keep the enemy at a distance
  • Out takes
Dec 8, 2015
Tank Boom! Episode 41 - Shogun Warriors
  • Update 2.4 is coming December 8th, 2015
  • Chinese Type 59 is coming soon - win one now in the contest but will likely be for sale soon
  • Win a Type 59 in the Hype 50 contest
  • New country Japan
  • Japanese lights and mediums
  • New map Himmelsdorf a winter city map
  • Rework of Lost Temple - it's even better and looks amazing
  • Many low tier tank adjustments
  • Tier I - IV lots of non essential modules removed and then rebalancing
  • Some gun handling and reload speed adjustments in those low tiers
  • FV4202b 183 - gun handling buff
  • Blitz Bingo prizes have gone out with 260 winners
  • Hype 59 giveaway contest Dec 2 - 15 4 winners each day
  • Type 59 will change from 9 second reload and 2.3 second aim time - to an 11 second reload and 2.5 second aim time but with preferential match making
  • Update process is force close all apps, delete the game, restart device, and install new version
  • World of Tanks Blitz is coming to Windows 10
  • Lokeen has the Lowe - coming up soon a Tank Teardown on the Lowe
Dec 4, 2015

Tanker interview, review of the IS-7, and a breakdown of Copperfield

00:40 - Introducing ScumbagJuJu
04:47 - Tank Teardown on the IS-7
05:15 - You can't angle a pike nose tank
08:15 - Running engine boost on the IS-7
09:45 - Equipment - Rammer, Vents, GLD
12:05 - Load lots of premium ammo to win
16:00 - Amazing turret vs. poor gun depression
18:40 - Sidescrape carefully with the IS-7
24:18 - Know when to face-hug
25:45 - Battlefield Breakdown - Copperfield
28:40 - Should flanking mediums snipe or push?
35:10 - The medium YOLO route
39:37 - Lokeen is a great damage sponge
40:50 - Adopt-a-Reaper
42:50 - Don't go chasing rabbits
43:40 - Out takes
Nov 27, 2015

Interview with Comrade Pike

  • Contest feedback and ideas
  • Joining a competitive clan
  • Improving and having more fun in the game
  • Russian Heavies
Nov 20, 2015
38 - Why Platoon? With Kdub59
01:00 - The Whisper Assassin
02:55 - The Tankenstein Grind
04:38 - Tankenstein guide
10:00 - Kdub59 Interview - Best Job I Ever Had
18:18 - The ruthless math of World of Tanks
Or if you'd rather watch a video:
34:15 - Carry Harder is a bad approach - try platooning better
35:35 - kdub59's tips to win more and have more fun
49:00 - Out takes with Loqueen!
Nov 12, 2015
02:00 - News from the Rise of Continents contests
09:40 - Blitz Bingo! Exclusive on the hot new upcoming contest from Wargaming North America
27:00 - How CC_Sly improves the contests continuously
29:35 - New premium tanks!
Nov 3, 2015
  • Ready for downtime!
  • Update 2.3
  • Proper update procedure
  • New map - Canal
  • Take the high ground and keep it
  • Lokeen's jellybeans
Oct 23, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 035 - Ammo with BR1XT0N

Real tank commander BR1XT0N is back to break down all the different types of ammunition you use in Blitz and in real life.

Armor Piercing vs. Armor Piercing Composite Rigid

Normalization of penetration angle

AP vs. High Explosive Anti Tank

High Explosive Squash Head

High Explosive - how and when to use it - tracking and resetting cap

Out takes

Oct 16, 2015



Interview with top player Concep

What grinds Concep's gears?

Tips for improving your win rate

Out takes!

Oct 9, 2015
1:30 - Lokeen bought the Panther M10 - new Tank Boom Platoon incoming!
4:35 - Halloween event news
5:45 - Guessing about the special Halloween "frankentank"
7:20 - Crew skills now go to level 6
12:03 - Halloween Rockfield - the first World of Tanks Blitz night map
15:00 - Reworked Desert Sands - now with 200% more jump ramps
18:00 - Lokeen wants a Copperfield rework for higher fun level
21:25 - Is Lost Temple the best map on the game right now?
24:20 - Rise of Continents is on now - play and platoon to help us win
29:28 - SU-122-44 Premium tank destroyer preview
33:20 - Japanese mediums are coming - but not this patch
Oct 2, 2015

Monster episode!

Interview with SomeGuyFromPitt

Lessons from 15,000 games

Lephturn, Lokeen, and SomeGuyFromPitt's favorite tanks at each tier

Out takes!

Sep 25, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 31 - Shinobi Oasis

  • News and update
  • iOS 9 and how to make it faster
  • Full review of the Chi-Nu-Kai Shinobi premium tank
  • Battlefield Breakdown of the new improved Oasis Palms
  • Hit skin mod ban
  • The importance of taking the high ground!
  • Yes that means go hill on Dead Rail!
Sep 19, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 030 - Shinobi

  • 2.1 Aftermath
  • The new British TD Line
  • The Royal Race - Success!
  • Interview with Monopower
  • British Medium line
  • Not just a clan - a triad!
  • Type 3 Che-Ha Shinobi
Sep 9, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 029

  • Lephturn's Raseiniai
  • Update 2.1
  • Rebalancing
  • British TD Line
  • The Royal Race
  • Outtakes
Sep 4, 2015

Episode 28 includes

  • Breaking news is not breaking yet - sorry!
  • Lephturn's back
  • German mediums are medium to poor
  • Sound and Teamspeak


Interview with's CC_Sly! Find out what a Community Coordinator does, how he got the job, how you can participate in the community, and how Wargaming pays attention to the cummunity.

Special thanks CC_Sly and Wargaming for sharing with the community through Tank Boom!

Aug 28, 2015

World of Tanks Blitz Settings Guide

  • Does crew skill from food and vents stack?
  • Equipment and consumables and crew skill
  • The Churchill GC (Gun Carrier or Golf Club or Glass Cannon)

Your complete guide to coniguring settings in World of Tanks Blitz!

  • Graphical options
  • Controls
  • Auto-aim
  • View Area
  • Control size and placement
  • Tank Markers
  • Options
Aug 21, 2015

Wifi and Prammo

This episode features an interview with a couple of friends of mine, a father-son team of tankers. We discuss how to sort out common wifi issues, talk about their love of medium tanks, discuss premium ammo and ammo types!

Aug 14, 2015

Interview with BR1XT0N - former Abrams tank driver, gunner, and commander!

Check out his tanking videos here:

If you have questions you'd like BR1XT0N to answer email or message us on the World of Tanks Blitz forums!

Aug 7, 2015

Episode 024


Lokeen and I break down:

  • Update 2.0 is out!
  • Smooth update
  • Clan support
  • Friends list mega improvement!
  • Graphic settings are now in our hands
  • Oasis Palms is a reborn as a brand new map
  • Rockfield modified and only tiers I-VII
  • Mid tier medium buffs for shooting on the move
  • Object 140 rebalancing
  • Tank Teardown on the T14 Bloodhound
  • Out-takes!
Jul 31, 2015

In this episode we interview Bushka of Bushka on Blitz Youtube fame!

Check out Bushka's YouTube channel - be sure to subscribe!


  • Lokeen's Medium Tank Academy
  • Best Job I Ever Had - Interview with Bushka
  • Spotting Mechanics
  • Loving the IS-4
Jul 24, 2015

This episode features an interview with Jensen - Commander of the Imperium Clan

  • Meet Jensen
  • The history of the Imperium clan
  • Being On Tilt
  • Improving your game
  • Capping the smart way
  • What's hot in the new update

Jensen has written numerious guides for World of Tanks Blitz

Grab them here!

Also, for those looking for a clan Imperium is recruiting.

Jul 17, 2015

Episode 21 - Pour Me a Glass of Port Bay

00:50 - Status of the Clan Wars wager
02:00 - Update 1.11 released
03:30 - Sold a tank or did something you wish you hadn't in the garage? Support ticket rules to help you!
11:30 - Battlefield Breakdown - Port Bay
Jul 10, 2015

1.11 Is coming soon! Likely next week.

Lokeen and I discuss the three new Russian tanks that are on the way - the KV-2 Tier VI, KV-13 Tier VII, and the tier X Obj. 140

Also coming are the German Panzer IV Ausf. A (tier III), Panzer IV Ausf. D (tier IV), and the JagdPanther II (tier VIII) TD.

For the Allies the US Sherman Jumbo (tier VI) and the Churchill Gun Carrier (tier VI)

8 new tanks - all added to the tech tree as small deviations - no new full lines. Lots of fun!

The most anticipated tank is the KV-2 with it's 152 mm cannon at tier VI!

Jul 3, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 19 - Coaching Craziness

In this week's episode listen in on a couple of coaching sessions that Lokeen and I run for two gentlemen who asked some good questions and were willing to jump on our TeamSpeak server and be open to constructive criticism.

The first and longest segment is Lokeen and I with Tmonkey - he is a newer player with 1200 games or so and 8 different tier VI tanks. He enjoys mediums, so we platoon in VK 30.02 Ms and Lokeen jumps in with his Victory.  We end up with a few extra Triarii members jumping in the channel with us and it gets a bit noisy, but we have a great run of games and there is some great analysis and learning involved.

The second shorter segment has dmrgamer and I running a couple of games with the last one being in Churchills.

It's edited heavily - I"ve taken out the gaps and chunks of gameplay with nothing to learn.

If you are interested in public coaching sessions contact or and we'll jump on Team Speak and have some fun!

Jun 26, 2015

In this episode we interview mloomis2504, an analysis of which premium tanks earn the most credits, and of course some great fun.

1:30 - Using fast tanks to get to odd places on Mines, Copperfield, and Oasis Palms
4:30 - Sitting in water does not stop you from being set on fire
5:05 - AT-15A Platoons are OP
7:05 - Grinding tier 8 tanks with 75% crew is not so smart
7:35 - Going back to the Panther I and II - stick and move
11:00 - Who is mloomis2504?
15:45 - What tank do you pick for Clan Wars in the future?
18:30 - Pound For Pound - which premium tanks are the best credit earners?
19:00 - What the T-34-85 Victory is REALLY good at
23:24 - The credit earning formula
26:00 - The best credit earner in the game
31:00 - Premium tanks are not better - they just earn more
34:00 - The top 5 best credit earners in the game - you'll never guess #2!
41:20 - It's all about the penetration
44:00 - So long
44:30 - Please subscribe, rate and review
45:00 - Out takes!
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