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Tank Boom! A World of Tanks Blitz Podcast News, reviews, tips, and information you can use to have more fun and get better at WoT Blitz - the best mobile war game on iOS and Android. Realistic World War 2 tanks, fast game play, and a great community combined with true free to play mobile game keeps us all coming back for more.
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Feb 26, 2016
The IS-3 Defender tank and missions
  • IS-3 Defender - looks sexy
  • Mobility and a strong turret
  • 3 shot auto loader with 7.5 seconds between shots and a 25 second clip reload
  • The Defender rocks and Lokeen loves it
  • Defender is an excellent credit grinder
  • 60,000 IS-3 Defenders available globally - down to 51k now and will start going quickly
  • Heavy penalties coming for serial AFK players
  • Shout out to Gavidoc!
  • Match making may revert to 4% tier imbalance when we drop back to +2/-2
  • Mini-Maus is back!
  • Follow @Tank_Boom on Twitter!
  • Lephturn's new favorite soloing tank is the Dragon. Thanks Unitater!
  • Contest is coming - what tanks do you want to win?
  • Take the high ground and keep it - especially on new Middleburg!
  • Out take
Feb 19, 2016
48 - Enter The Dragon with Unitater
48 - Enter the Dragon with special guest Unitater
  • Introducing Unitater
  • Want some coaching from a unicum? Start with Adopt-a-Reaper!
  • Chinese medium line may be coming in patch 2.7
  • The Type 62 Chinese light tank - the Dragon!
  • Light tanks and camouflage - light tanks do not lose their camo rating while moving but the trade off is no armor!
  • Big guns with HE like the KV-2 are the bane of the light tank driver
  • The "you have been spotted" light means RUN AWAY!
  • Type 62 Dragon - fast with a great gun and 7 degrees of gun depression
  • The Dragon earns decent credits but there are better credit grinders
  • Light tanks require very good situational awareness - pay attention to that mini-map!
  • If you try to brawl in a light tank you will lose
  • Beware that firing will hurt your camo and get you spotted - use bushes properly to stay hidden
  • Sit very close to a bush so it's translucent so you can spot. BACK UP 10m so it is opaque to fire to preserve your camo rating
  • We doubted that light tanks could be effective before the Dragon - but surprisingly they can be very effective
  • Light tanks are not a good class for newer players
  • Equipment for a light tank: Tank Gun Rammer, Coated Optics, Ventilation
  • Consumables for a light tank: Multi-Kit, Food, Adrenaline
  • Ammunition loadout for the Dragon: 23 AP 22 HEAT 2 HE
  • The -1/+1 match making experiment really helps the Dragon - it does NOT have preferential match making
  • AP and APCR can shoot through light cover including cars, but HEAT gets stopped
  • Lephturn fails at the Dragon - but Unitater and Lokeen can fix him
  • How to improve your Star1 rating - focus on tanks tiers 5-10 and you need 10x the tier # of games for it to count
  • Lokeen fell back in love with the Panther! The key is staying at long range for the German mediums
  • Outtakes
Feb 9, 2016

Episode 47

Patch 2.6 drops today! What's coming? Complete patch notes:

German Light Tanks

Shooting Mechanics

  • Certain objects can now be shot through and shells that bounce can now potentially hit (and damage) nearby vehicles
  • Click here for more details

Reworked Map

  • 'Middleburg' has received improvements for both game balance and graphics, keep an eye out for both reworked terrain and sound and light effects
  • Click here for more details

Other Additions

  • Missions can now be reset or skipped using Gold
  • Information about Supply bonuses (discounts on repairs and consumables) is now displayed on the battle results screen
Feb 5, 2016

Episode 46 - Blitz Bulletin

  • Update 2.6 is coming and we'll be ready
  • The +1/-1 match making test is coming to an end
  • Is the new match making better?
  • The other big match making change is 0% tier difference
  • Training rooms - soon but not quite yet
  • Higher ping and lower frame rate?
  • Shout out to Roadkutter - great questions
  • Breaking down the news from Senator Ratbat
  • World of Tanks Blitz - reorganized development teams
  • Automated system to hit serial AFK ers with the BAN HAMMER
  • New clan... Cereal Killers?
  • Clan battles and ESports are coming
  • Would integrated voice chat be a good thing?
  • Farewell Alo8ight - we wish you well!
  • Take the high ground, and keep it!
  • The patient warrior wins
  • Stay classy!