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Sep 4, 2016
76 - Massive Update

Release Notes 3.1



  • The main feature of the version is regular clan tournaments with prize funds.
    • Clan members will be able to create teams and register them for tournaments. The number of teams from one clan is unlimited.
    • Players will be able to become a team member of only their clan and only by an invite from Captain.
    • Participation in tournaments is free of charge; the only limitation is vehicle tier.
    • Any player will be able to see the tournament schedule and match score of a particular team.
    • Teams are automatically dismissed after the tournament.


  • A new map—Yamato Harbor—is ready to meet players: this time the battlefield lies in a big port with a moored Japanese Imperial battleship—Yamato. The sun is rising above an industrial district that surrounds the warship and hills stretched to the east from the port.
  • Map reworks:
    • Display of water and the sky was reworked in all maps.
    • Sound of the wind was added to the maps Himmelsdorf, Mirage, and Vineyards.
    • An unplanned bypass leading to a hill removed from the Canal map.
    • A bypass from both teams’ respawns to the central part of the mountain was removed from the Port Bay map.
    • Display of objects hanging in the air on maps Desert Sands and Falls Creek was fixed.
    • Parts of the landscape with high chance of vehicle blocking were fixed.
    • Bug with the bridge shoot-through on the Lost Temple map was fixed.


  • Mines_TEST map was added: players get a chance to test the new version of Mines and provide feedback to developers before the release of the map in Random Battles. Players will be able to take a survey and leave their feedback on the WoT Blitz forum and in official communities in social networks.
  • Adding spectators to teams was added. Spectators’ vehicles are destroyed automatically when a battle starts; spectators are able to watch one or both teams by switching between the players.
  • Selecting the Supremacy mode was added.


  • 22 new missions were added for the Supremacy mode with battle XP and credits as rewards.
  • Bonus size and conditions of missions were changed. Several missions were removed from rotation.
  • Missions will fill the slots depending on the type of the reward: missions in the first slot will have credits as rewards, in the second—battle or Free XP, and in the third—credits, XP, gold, and Premium days. 


  • Tech Tree will now feature the INSTANT UPGRADE button enabling players to mount all the top modules for any researched vehicle, using gold. 
  • Two new camos—Inferno and Shattered Ice—available for gold were added. Their cost will depend on the vehicle Tier.


  • Vehicles added to the Tech Tree:
    • A new branch of Soviet light tanks. Players will receive three new Tier VI–VIII vehicles: MT-25 (VI), LTTB (VII), and T-54 ltwt. (VIII).
    • Premium vehicles: German medium tank Pz.Kpfw. V/IV (V) under the price of 2,400 gold; American medium tank T23E3 (VII) under the price of 4,900 gold. 
  • Two Premium vehicles were removed from the Tech Tree:
    • American light tank М22 Locust (III)
    • German light tank T-15 (III)
  • Cost of the Soviet Premium tank Valentine II (IV) was increased from 1,000 to 1,500 gold.
  • For the German tank destroyer Nashorn (VI), cost of the 8,8 cm Pak L/56 gun research changed from 9,500 to 11,210 XP.
  • For the German heavy tank VK 36.01 (H) (VI), cost of the 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 gun research changed from 9,500 to 11,210 XP. 


  • Profitability of Tier VII and VIII vehicles was adjusted:
    • For the Spähpanzer SP I C (VII), profitability was increased by 24%.
    • For the Spähpanzer Ru 251 (VIII), profitability was increased by 18%; repair cost decreased by 28%.
  • Balance for Tier VIII–X vehicles was changed:


T34 and T34 Independence

  • Dispersion ratio on the move/upon traverse was changed from 0.32 to 0.3.
  • Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse was decreased from 0.2 to 0.16.
  • Aiming time decreased from 3.4 to 3.1 s.

Tier IX

M46 Patton

  • For the M46M73 turret with the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun: dispersion for 100 m decreased from 0.42 to 0.4 m.
  • For the M46T119 turret with the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun: dispersion for 100 m decreased from 0.4 to 0.38 m.

Tier X


  • Top speed increased from 40 to 50km/h.


  • Suspension traverse speed decreased from 25 to 23 deg/s.

E 50 Ausf. M

  • Turret hull armor increased from 185 to 250 mm.
  • Mantlet armor increased from 185 to 250 mm.

M48A1 Patton

  • Commander's cupola was reworked; turret hull is now more sloped.
  • Armor of the turret hull is now 177.8 across the whole surface.
  • Mantlet armor increased from 114.3 to 177.8 mm.
  • Armor of the back part of the hull wall increased from 50.8 to 76.2 mm.
  • Top speed increased from 45 to 48 km/h.
  • Guns 90 mm Gun M41 and 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 were removed: 
    • If the 90 mm Gun M41 gun was mounted on the vehicle, it will be replaced with the 105 mm Gun M68.
    • If the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun was mounted on the vehicle, it will be replaced with the 105 mm Gun M68.
    • If the 105 mm Gun M68 gun was mounted on the vehicle, players will receive a compensation of 45,000 XP.


  • For the Sentinel AC I, a ramming device of a medium caliber was added.
  • Collisions added for the Premium tank Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm.
  • Display of elevation and traversing markers were added in battle: lighting added upon reaching extreme positions.
  • Sequence for auto resupplying shells, consumables, ammunition, and camouflage after the battle was changed. Now the process doesn’t stop if a player doesn’t have enough gold to buy shells: consumables, ammunition, and camos are resupplied automatically for credits.
  • Camo purchase mechanics was reworked: now a camo can be replaced with another one considering the difference in prices for resupply.
  • Graphic settings were reworked: the Ultralow quality mode was added for objects and vehicles.


  • Bug with unavailable camera control upon tapping the reload indicator and range finder area was fixed (for touch screen devices).
  • Bug with buttons of commands “Affirmative!” and “Negative!” was fixed (Win10, MacOS).
  • Bug with the app crash upon trying to edit the name/description of the created clan was fixed (Mac).
  • Graphics quality level in Settings was changed from Manual to High by default (iOS). 
  • Bug with the too dark color of the Tiger I was fixed.
  • For the AT 15A: bug with the unavailable purchase and selling equipment was fixed.
  • Bug when the player was disconnected from server after they folded the app was fixed. 
  • Bug with the incorrect work of the counter for slot purchase for credits by the Clan Supply bonus was fixed.
  • Bug when the notification about a vehicle Milestone appeared after the vehicle had been sold was fixed.
  • Bug with the reloading animation error upon delayed battle entering was fixed.
  • The Kuro More Mine tank was added to the Hunter award description.
  • Bug when the currency for purchasing Premium shells changed after disabling/enabling auto resupply was fixed.
  • Bug with the emblems of a legendary camo appeared on the Cromwell Berlin after it had been destroyed was fixed.
  • Bug with incorrect display of the T1 Cunningham shield was fixed.
  • Bug with saving battle results for less than ten battles in the Notifications tab was fixed. 
  • Bug with the capture progress bar in the Supremacy mode didn’t fill up after the base had been captured was fixed.
  • Bug with the slight shift of the speedometer at the beginning of the battle was fixed.
  • Bug with no effects during the first time the initial the game screen appeared after downloading the app was fixed.
  • Notification and description texts were fixed in the game.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
  • over two years ago
    Just checking in, Leph. It is Irregular_Apoc. Been playing on my cousins PS4 account. He only went to mid tiers, but I was able to go up the Soviet med line that is above the T-34-85. My God is the A-43 an amazing tank. Like a Cromwell with the hand of Stalin guiding it. I also have been playing the LTTB and almost unlocked the Lightweight. The Mt-25 is not fun, but with the huge console maps, you can do a lot of spotting. ...but there are two tanks that are so fun I almost felt that obsession come back, despite all the stuff going on in real life. The Chaffe is are tier V playing up to tier VIII but it is a beast. Also the tier V American turreted monster T-67 is sooooooo fun. Hopefully they will drop in Blitz. What is funny is a few days ago they released Ranked battle mode, restricted to tier V. I just got back, but played that mode for a few days. You played 10 battles, then got placed in a League. Despite his account not having focused crews (you need to train each crew individually, and when you grind another tank you need to pay for it) I placed his account in Silver, with 23 points to Gold league. It is an interesting idea, maybe Blitz will feature it. Not sure how the MM works, I suspect Silver will play with Bronze or Gold, but they may be working to make it sort of like skilled MM. What is interesting is everyone has to be in the same tier and people play more carefully. But bringing the Chaffe or the T-67 is almost unfair, you just abuse your view range and eat Kv-1s for lunch. I played a few games late last night on my RU account. Blitz felt odd, almost claustrophobic, but I have learned a lot about spotting and can't imagine how PC players don't realize how much of an advantage they had coming from that title to Blitz. I find it is not true that spotting doesn't work in Blitz, it does, it just our meta is very quick and people don't set up initially to work spotting into the battle. Since things are settling down, I may grind out to the Lightweight, but now that I don't have my own PS4, the wheels are spinning and I find myself going over ways to present the need for a console to CINC.
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