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Tank Boom! A World of Tanks Blitz Podcast News, reviews, tips, and information you can use to have more fun and get better at WoT Blitz - the best mobile war game on iOS and Android. Realistic World War 2 tanks, fast game play, and a great community combined with true free to play mobile game keeps us all coming back for more.
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Sep 12, 2017
  • Premium time, loyalty, and the M60
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Why not a historical map?
  • American Lights
  • Does anyone use boosters?
  • Lokeen and Pitt have a disagreement
  • Limited historical tournaments would be awesome
  • We're all still friends folks!
  • Tank Boom! is back.
Feb 10, 2017
93 Concep tually Speaking
Episode 93 - Interview with Concep
  • Volume based contests often make the environment challenging
  • Shout out to Scumbag JuJu and CurtBurrito for their Victory wins
  • Newsletter signup
  • Super Bowl commercials by Wargaming
  • Glacial 112 is a better IS-6
  • Gambler  o7 [¡¡¡] is a beast in the Glacial 112
  • Supremacy often changes the meta
  • Interview with Concep
  • Competitive play and tournaments
  • The history of Prammo/Krieg
  • Support the podcast at
Feb 3, 2017
92 - The Sand People are Easily Startled
Tank Boom! Episode 92 - The Sand People are Easily Startled
Dec 21, 2016
89 - Minecraft Expert
  • Welcome Minecraftexpert_25 of PRAMO on the HEAT squad in Twister Cup
  • Blitz Twister Cup finals in New York - representing the NA server
  • Count-ins - it's worth the stat hit
  • Blitz Twister Cup - the road to New York
  • Teams of 8 - only 1 alternate was pretty tough
  • Committing to travel before knowing all the details was difficult
  • World of Tanks Blitz is a great eSport - compared well to PC
  • Play style differences between servers
  • It's not about damage in Europe it's about winning as a team
  • What it was like competing in the first Blitz world tornament
  • WiFi apocalypse
  • Amazing competition with teams extremely evenly matched
  • But for some bad breaks PRAMO HEAT is in the finals
  • Flexibility and adapting quickly was key to winning the Twister Cup
  • What it takes to win at this level - commitment and practice
  • Counterfeit nuts
  • Future tournaments need to be planned farther ahead and provide more alternates
  • We hope more competitive 
Nov 20, 2016
86 - India Pale Ale Tanking
86 - India Pale Ale Tanking
  • Live show from Craft brewery and restaurant in Ottawa
  • Interview with SomeGuyFromPitt
  • GLD is fixed as of 3.3.1
  • Consider Torsion Bars for the invisible benefit to terrain resistance
  • Steam bundles - Panther mit 8,8 cm, VK 45.03, Grobtraktor
  • 90 days of n00bs - runs through the holidays
  • The mod controversy - one player caught using a hit skin mod after the tournament
  • App store exchange rates
  • New Camos for each continent in Twister cup
  • More historical camo please
  • More historical maps please
  • You need focus to improve
Oct 25, 2016
83 - Vampire Burrito
  • Grinding Darkness and Light
  • Dracula vs. Van Helsing
  • Blow Back - The Tank Boom! Newsletter
  • Newsletter sign up:
  • Introducing Curt Burrito
  • Awesome Tanks day in Ottawa
  • The history of the German E series
  • M48 Patton rework
  • Variability and making it work for you in Blitz
  • What we are running this week
Oct 15, 2016
82 - Too Much Cheerwine
  • Interview with Blartch
  • The evolution of a tanker
  • Chasing Mastery
  • The Facts of Life
  • Blartch's favorites
  • Struggling with the Jagdtiger - even with it's buffed gun
  • Blartch has little love for the Deathstar
  • The 183 is called the Deathstar because it blows up one thing and then gets destroyed
  • Blartch struggled with American derp TDs at low tiers
  • Lower tier players often do not understand the camo system
  • Check the thread for info on what it takes to get a golden M
  • We both dislike the troll IS-3 Defender
  • Ru-251 for the win
  • Lokeen working on situational awareness and the mini map
  • Twister NA finals complete
  • Old night Rockfield better than Hell Rockfield
  • Out takes
Sep 22, 2016
79 - Lepred's Journey
79 - Lepred
  • Introducing Lepred
  • #FortMacFire survivor - and with a brand new baby
  • Leprecan + Leopard tank = Lepred ?
  • IS-4 line to start - bouncy castle!
  • Most fun right now Type 62 Dragon
  • Lepred has the need for speed
  • Stats rehab for fun
  • Japanese mediums are all about the good guns
  • New Russian light line - working the MT-25
  • MT-25 top tracks are a downgrade - bug
  • MT-25 auto loader is great on soft targets
  • LTTB seems to be awesome but we are not up to it yet
  • MT-25 Equipment Vents, Coated Optics, whatever
  • Update 3.1 - lag/freezes issues - hot patch put in Sunday
  • Wargaming support is reporting current issues
  • Accidental Type 59 alpha nerf was hotfixed back to 280 - but client still says 250
  • Nameless and Edelweiss - Edelweiss is a maneuverable Panther
  • German guns ruin you for playing anything else
  • Wargaming pushing multiple hot patches for lag issues
  • 8 v 8 games for an hour or so - mix up with spectator mode for streamers
  • eSports tournament is coming
  • Yamato map is excellent - look for the rubber ducky
  • Stats rehab for fun and not profit
  • Customer retention
  • The cutest out takes ever
Aug 28, 2016
Tank Boom Episode 75 - Tracking All The Noobs
  • Welcome Noobtracker
  • Buying premium ammo with credits
  • Sticking with the game - 2 years later
  • Working on win rate - Tank Boom helps! So does a good router
  • Shooting on the move and snap shooting is important
  • Tier X is hard - auto aim is an important tool
  • Noobtracker is loving the Lowe and the Super Pershing
  • Lephturn is addicted to German guns
  • Grinding American heavies
  • Supremacy struggles
  • Lokeen getting a rough start in the 183
  • Get more masteries in Supremacy mode
  • Toiling in the Tortoise
  • Send a friend request and platoon invite to NoobTracker in game!
  • Awesome Tanks! at the Canadian War Museum Sunday Aug 28th
  • Out takes
Jul 15, 2016
Tank Boom Episode 70 - Wicked Game
Jun 24, 2016
Episode 67
  • Marlajane11
  • FCM50T
  • It's all about the gun
  • Gun depression is Ok but not great
  • Thin armor but you get some troll bounces
  • Tier 8 is Russian heavy dominated right now
  • The Defender is maybe too good - especially it's mobility
  • FCM needs different spots in most maps to hide it's hugeness
  • FCM equipment, provisions, and consumables
  • FCM gets hit a lot, but has a great health pool
  • Supremacy mode is coming
  • New Blitz chat app - chat like you are in-game but Android only for now
  • Camouflage contest winners announced - when will we see them in game?
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu-Kai bundle - Shinobi without the ninja camo
  • Credit exploit and the price to be paid
  • Rockfield review
  • The importance of spotting
  • Spotting hills on Middleburg, Desert Sands, Dead Rail and more
  • Zombie teams
  • Out Take
Jun 4, 2016
Episode 64 - Vader's Fist
  • MRobertsRCS - Commander of the 501st Legion
  • MRobertsRCS - who is he and where his handle comes from
  • First tank lines and spotting
  • X5 Weekends are challenging
  • Memorial day - remembering those who have served
  • Learning not to trade shots
  • A web site and communication is key to build a good clan
  • Mapping out the 4 501st clans
  • 501st in Clan Wars NA
  • Out takes!
Mar 30, 2016

Episode 54 - Round 2 with Ruckus!

Those who wish to support the podcast can now do so here:

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Interview with @48ton_ruckus

  • Favorite tanks
  • How Ruckus analyzes a map and chooses a strategy
  • Map breakdown - strategies for every map in the game
  • Q&A
  • Out takes!
Mar 22, 2016

Episode 53 - Causing a Ruckus!

Interview with 48ton_ruckus

Recent updates

Match making differences

What tank should everyone have in the garage per tier?

Mar 4, 2016
Episode 50 - 360 with Three60Mafia
  • 50 episodes!
  • Three60Mafia is back - learn where his handle came from
  • IS-3 Defender vs. the IS-3A
  • The IS-3 Defender is an amazing credit grinder
  • The Defender is an IS-3 with 7 degrees of gun depression
  • Good translations from Russian
  • 2.7 is coming - Chinese mediums?
  • Tier X Type 121
  • With multiple higher tier auto-loaders in the game, are the French coming next?
  • Training rooms are coming - but not sure exactly when
  • Clan wars is planned, but we don't really know when
  • Will clan wars be 7 on 7 or something different?
  • E-sports is planned for the long term in Blitz
  • It would be sweet to have the "Reloading!" quick chat indicate how long your reload is
  • Please make it easier to find a platoon and see who is open
  • In Middleburg go hill almost every time
  • First, take no damage!
  • Beware the fury of the patient man
  • Could work on Falls Creek and Winter Malinovka be coming?
  • Out-take
Feb 19, 2016
48 - Enter The Dragon with Unitater
48 - Enter the Dragon with special guest Unitater
  • Introducing Unitater
  • Want some coaching from a unicum? Start with Adopt-a-Reaper!
  • Chinese medium line may be coming in patch 2.7
  • The Type 62 Chinese light tank - the Dragon!
  • Light tanks and camouflage - light tanks do not lose their camo rating while moving but the trade off is no armor!
  • Big guns with HE like the KV-2 are the bane of the light tank driver
  • The "you have been spotted" light means RUN AWAY!
  • Type 62 Dragon - fast with a great gun and 7 degrees of gun depression
  • The Dragon earns decent credits but there are better credit grinders
  • Light tanks require very good situational awareness - pay attention to that mini-map!
  • If you try to brawl in a light tank you will lose
  • Beware that firing will hurt your camo and get you spotted - use bushes properly to stay hidden
  • Sit very close to a bush so it's translucent so you can spot. BACK UP 10m so it is opaque to fire to preserve your camo rating
  • We doubted that light tanks could be effective before the Dragon - but surprisingly they can be very effective
  • Light tanks are not a good class for newer players
  • Equipment for a light tank: Tank Gun Rammer, Coated Optics, Ventilation
  • Consumables for a light tank: Multi-Kit, Food, Adrenaline
  • Ammunition loadout for the Dragon: 23 AP 22 HEAT 2 HE
  • The -1/+1 match making experiment really helps the Dragon - it does NOT have preferential match making
  • AP and APCR can shoot through light cover including cars, but HEAT gets stopped
  • Lephturn fails at the Dragon - but Unitater and Lokeen can fix him
  • How to improve your Star1 rating - focus on tanks tiers 5-10 and you need 10x the tier # of games for it to count
  • Lokeen fell back in love with the Panther! The key is staying at long range for the German mediums
  • Outtakes
Jan 27, 2016

Episode 45

The Art of Blitz with MSixteen
Introducing unicum tank commander, clan leader, and guide writer MSixteen
  • Who is MSixteen?
  • The Art of Blitz - Sun Tzu's The Art of War applied to World of Tanks Blitz
  • The rise of the Void clan
  • Tanks, equipment, and consumables for 7 v 7 clan wars
  • Don't spare the premium ammo if you want to compete at tier 10
  • The highs and lows of driving the FV215b-183
  • IS-7 + engine boost = medium crushing
  • Consumables - Multi-kit, food, and adrenaline on almost everything
  • Equipment - Gun Rammer, Vents, Gun Laying Drive or Vertical Stabilizer
  • Snap-shotting - deals damage quickly but most importantly keeps you from taking damage
  • The Art of Blitz - Take the high ground and keep it!
  • Once you have the high ground... stay there! Keep defensive positions and never crest the hill
  • Read The Art of Blitz!
  • Outtake
Jan 6, 2016
  • Type 59 - the hype and the type
  • The Lowe or the Super Pershing?
  • The Art of the Tank Destroyer Part II with SomeGuyFromPitt
  • My new tanking jacket
  • Out takes!
  • My red recticle is critical!
Dec 4, 2015

Tanker interview, review of the IS-7, and a breakdown of Copperfield

00:40 - Introducing ScumbagJuJu
04:47 - Tank Teardown on the IS-7
05:15 - You can't angle a pike nose tank
08:15 - Running engine boost on the IS-7
09:45 - Equipment - Rammer, Vents, GLD
12:05 - Load lots of premium ammo to win
16:00 - Amazing turret vs. poor gun depression
18:40 - Sidescrape carefully with the IS-7
24:18 - Know when to face-hug
25:45 - Battlefield Breakdown - Copperfield
28:40 - Should flanking mediums snipe or push?
35:10 - The medium YOLO route
39:37 - Lokeen is a great damage sponge
40:50 - Adopt-a-Reaper
42:50 - Don't go chasing rabbits
43:40 - Out takes
Nov 27, 2015

Interview with Comrade Pike

  • Contest feedback and ideas
  • Joining a competitive clan
  • Improving and having more fun in the game
  • Russian Heavies
Nov 20, 2015
38 - Why Platoon? With Kdub59
01:00 - The Whisper Assassin
02:55 - The Tankenstein Grind
04:38 - Tankenstein guide
10:00 - Kdub59 Interview - Best Job I Ever Had
18:18 - The ruthless math of World of Tanks
Or if you'd rather watch a video:
34:15 - Carry Harder is a bad approach - try platooning better
35:35 - kdub59's tips to win more and have more fun
49:00 - Out takes with Loqueen!
Oct 23, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 035 - Ammo with BR1XT0N

Real tank commander BR1XT0N is back to break down all the different types of ammunition you use in Blitz and in real life.

Armor Piercing vs. Armor Piercing Composite Rigid

Normalization of penetration angle

AP vs. High Explosive Anti Tank

High Explosive Squash Head

High Explosive - how and when to use it - tracking and resetting cap

Out takes

Oct 16, 2015



Interview with top player Concep

What grinds Concep's gears?

Tips for improving your win rate

Out takes!

Oct 2, 2015

Monster episode!

Interview with SomeGuyFromPitt

Lessons from 15,000 games

Lephturn, Lokeen, and SomeGuyFromPitt's favorite tanks at each tier

Out takes!

Sep 19, 2015

Tank Boom! Episode 030 - Shinobi

  • 2.1 Aftermath
  • The new British TD Line
  • The Royal Race - Success!
  • Interview with Monopower
  • British Medium line
  • Not just a clan - a triad!
  • Type 3 Che-Ha Shinobi
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